Web surveys that record
feedback videos of customers

No apps to install
Participants submit videos, with no technical setup.

There is no app. Participants don't download, install, or learn to navigate mobile apps.

Participants don't create usernames / passwords.

Participants click a link in an email, record video answers, and they're done.

Works across smartphones, PCs, laptops, and tablets.
We tailor video surveys to match your needs
win more clients
Glimpse participants before sessions
"Sneak peek" videos of participants ahead of time.

Get "best of the best" participants who speak clearly about insights and stories.

Filter out low-quality participants who need pulling teeth to talk.

Weed out participants who could embarrass you in front of stakeholders at live sessions.
Avoid phone screens
Phone-screening participants one-by-one is a huge waste of time.

Have video surveys do the screening for you automatically.

Participants answer video surveys at their own time. No more inconvenient phone calls.

Streamline recruiting. Save a ton of time.
Get participants warmed-up to talk
Traditional email homework is restrictive. No one wants to type entire essays over email.

Talking on video is the easiest, most friction-free experience for participants.

Get participants comfortable talking about your research topic.

Really get their "talking" juices flowing before sessions.
Learnings for clients
Average human typing speed is 40 words-per-minute, while talking speed is 150 words-per-minute.

Get 4X the insights that would be a happy surprise for your client.

See participants interact with products in stores, or at home.

Video homework is an easy "add-on" for any project. It's as simple as sending out a web survey.
Effective Ad-testing
Watch videos of participants' facial reactions to ad concepts.

Participants will tell you, in an unfiltered, open-ended way, WHY they like or dislike parts of ads.

Reduce cost. Make ad-testing as cost-effective as sending out an online survey.
Win over the competition
Stay competitive. Use automated software to reduce cost and match client's budget.

Add video-surveys as a low-pricing-tier in proposals to clients.

Win projects and clients you would otherwise have lost to competitors.
Increase profit margins
Deliver qual video insights to clients. Clients pay for qual project prices.

Reduce project cost by using automated survey software.

Save on participant incentive cost, facilities cost, transportation cost, transcription cost, project management costs.

Save time. Participants submit vidoes at their own time, without having to schedule 1 on 1 meetings.
by far the easiest, most friction-free experience
Will Eglington
Founder, Adam's Egg
Overall I definitely feel the project has been a success! Curspace is by far the easiest, most friction-free experience for consumers.
led to additional research engagements and significant revenue
Tavis McGinn
Founder, Honest Data
The small, quick turnaround research project that Honest Data completed with Curspace led to additional research engagements and significant revenue.
Used by the world's leading recruiters and researchers
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Results in 3 easy steps
1. enter survey questions
2. give survey link to participants
3. watch participant videos roll in
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